Coins For the Brave Fire Fighters

Coins For the Brave Fire Fighters

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The challenge coins have become a part of almost every important military unit and other private sectors as well. They are given to their workers as a fraternity or token of thanks and an appreciation for their act of bravery. The Fire Department Challenge Coins are especially designed for the brave fire fighters by their departments and given to them as a token of thanks.

There are different designs for the firefighter coins. Most of the fire department coins are based on the following designs:

A)  The Saint Florien

B)  Star of Life

C)  The Maltese Cross

D)  Fire Chief Engrave able coin

E)  The Fire fighter Helmet

F)   Fire Chief Nickel Coin

All these coins are very important in the lives of the firefighters. The firefighter challenge coins depict the strong nerves of the fighters who fight with fire willingly. Stepping into fire from a safe position and risking not just your life but your physical appearance as well.

Fire Department Coins

Fire Department Coins

The fire department coins are made on order on special dates that depict the importance. There are some coins minted by the fire department that are based on an accident that engulfed the lives of several fire fighters in trying to save the civilians. Most of the fire department coins are given to the other fire fighters who show the same bravery due to which many lost their lives, the coins are dated with the date of the accident.

Many of the fire department coins have the prayers of a fireman engraved on one side while on the other side the prayer is fully engraved. This engraved prayer can be read by the carrier of the fire department coins at any time; all those who have been presented with the coins carry the prayer with them as a mark of safety from all harm.

The fire department coins are a good way to learn about all the different escapades made by the fire fighters. Most of the fire fighters have a burnt mark or two on their hands, etc which prove their sincerity to their profession.

The maximum number of fire department coins that are presented to a fire fighter are for all those brave efforts he has made through out his career. The higher number of fire department coins show that the brave fire man has worked too hard and he has been well commemorated by his department for all that he has done for them and for the public.

The people who get the fire department coins show the coins to their children and grandchildren and all those who are interested in knowing about all the escapades that they were presented the coins on. The different coins are worth a lot for all those people who collect the coins for their coin collection and want to keep the challenge coins in their coin library, they are ready to pay any amount of money to get the sacred coins.

The fire department coins are also presented to all those people who visit the department as a token of recollection to the department and what ever knowledge they gained by visiting the department and meeting the brave fire fighters.