Importance of Firehouse Coins

Importance of Firehouse Coins

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Firehouse coins hold a very important place in the lives of fire fighters. They are awarded Cpecial Challenge Coins for their brave efforts. Firehouse coins are a symbol of fraternity for all those who work as fire fighters. The firehouse coins are also used as a token or gift to remember a visit to the fire department.

The basic idea of firehouse coins:

Two basic ideas for both the sides of the coins are designed according to the anniversary or the event that is being commemorated. The designs are made in such a way that any one can easily understand the importance of the event by taking a glance at the firehouse coins.

The art work on the firehouse coins:

The symbols on the coins are designed by special designers on paper first and then they are finalized with color and other details.

Choice of the dyes:

The firehouse coins are dyed in different colors according to the demand of the ones who have ordered the coins.

Dying of the firehouse coins:

The firehouse coins are dyed from both sides. For doing so two dies are prepared; one for the top side while the other for the underside.

The dye is heat treated so that the color of the coin does not change in any kind of circumstances. The custom dye is less expensive than the stock dye but then the firehouse coins would not result in the same way as the other coins usually do.

Firehouse Coins

Firehouse Coins

A clay sculpture of the firehouse coins is made in a four times large size and it is then minted on small sized coins accordingly. A cast is taken and the coin stamp is made according to it and the coins are then printed in the mint easily.

A coin cutter is used to trim the coins at the same size, the dying is done after that and last of all the coins are polished.

The firehouse coins are a good way to commemorate the high spirits and courage of the ambitious firefighters who risk their lives for the life of other people.

The following materials are used for the firehouse coins:

a)   Brass

b)  Copper

c)   Copper Nickel

d)  Silver

e)   Gold

f)    Other metals

Different symbols are used for the firehouse coins among which the Saint Florien, Star of Life, fire trucks, firefighters in action, The Maltese cross, the firefighter’s helmet and other tools used by the firefighters is used.

The coins are very important for all those people who are a part of the fire fighting team as the coins are like a medal or shield for them. They are made on special demand by the fire department and they make sure that the presentation and the finishing of the coins is done in a good way too.

The coins are presented in a soft box especially made on order for the placing of the coin. The box even has space for a small plate that says the name of the firefighter to whom the coin is presented and also the reason of his bravery.